In the early 1990's, Swan Landscaping started with the premise of adding landscaping to swimming pool projects. We began by using the strict standards associated with the pool industry and added them to the concepts used in landscaping. Good drainage around structures such as hardscape surfaces, pools and spas were important in the expansive soil conditions of Orange County. Today, backyards have become outdoor living spaces, as barbecues, fireplaces, patio covers and fire pits have become staples in our projects. Many of the new yards that are landscaped today are smaller than they were in years past. To create privacy in these smaller yards landscapers have incorporated more trees. Now, the root systems of plants and trees have become concerns for homeowners. The tolerances needed to incorporate these aspects in smaller yards have become even more strict. The twenty- first century has coincidently brought the increased value of homes in Orange County. It is a natural progression to have the outside of the home reflect the affluence of the community. Swan Landscaping is poised to embark on the fulfillment of this desire.

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